ISP SYSTEM is specialized in the field of precision engineering, opto-mechanics and mechatronics. ISP has developed deformable mirrors with electromechanical actuators and positioners for laser systems and synchrotrons. Since 2003, they have been successfully tested by the CEA for the megajoule laser and replaced the piezoelectric technology. Since 2007, ISP System has installed several tens of MD-AME deformable mirrors using miniature actuators. Their main features are the absence of print trough effects, the high linearity and low hysteresis of movement and the stability when no power is applied. ISP’s deformable mirrors have many advantages such as large dynamic range of correction, easy maintenance, choice for the coating, easy scalability to large laser beam aperture and are resistant against electro-magnetic pulses. They are compatible with high vacuum and a low outgassing version is proposed for applications in which the deformable mirror is located close to compressor gratings. The design permits to exchange the coated substrate easily in case of damaged coating. An active cooled version is available for CW lasers with power up to 30kW.

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