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Lasqua Consortium

This Consortium driven by ISP SYSTEM offers adaptive optics loop and laser beam transport systems based on the technologies of ISP SYSTEM and PHASICS.


LASQUA provides its expertise on the implementation of the loop (in particular, choice of position components) and provides procedures suitable for laser installation, such as methods for improving the focal spot while using an analyzer placed in a parallel arm diagnosis or directly after focal spot. These solutions have proven their effectiveness and reliability on many laser systems all over the world.


The wavefront correction loop is based on ISP SYSTEM’s MD-AME deformable mirror, PHASICS’s SID4 wavefront sensor and OASys adaptive optics software. This solution comes in the form of a range of products adapted to various lasers (beam aperture, angle of incidence, number of actuators, mirror coatings…).


Adaptive optics loops by Phasics correct the focal spot aberrations, up to the last parabola, including aberrations generated by the latter. They achieve the finest possible correction thanks to Phasics’ high resolution wavefront sensor SID4, which is the only tool that can measure diverging beam wavefront, and ISP System’s deformable mirror MD-AME. Both are compatible with high vacuum environment. The loop is managed by OASys control software module.


LASQUA consortium offers beam transport systems for high power lasers. ISP SYSTEM designs, manufactures and installs motorized mirror mounts for transport mirrors and focusing parabolas. The controller including the software can also be proposed. Gimbal-type mounts are available. Their design, associated with ultra-stiff positioning stages, allows very high eigenfrequencies in order to reach a very good pointing stability.


A partner network is used in order to propose the most adapted and competitive solution for each project.

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