Offer the best adaptive optics for large lasers.

LASQUA: This Consortium, driven by ISP SYSTEM , offers Adaptive Optics Loop based on the technologies of ISP SYSTEM and PHASICS.

LASQUA provides advice on the implementation of the loop (in particular, choice of position components) and provides procedures suitable for laser installation, such as methods for calibrating the wavefront of convergence in order to maximize intensity at the parabola focus while using an analyzer placed in a parallel arm diagnosis. These solutions have proven their effectiveness and reliability on many laser systems in the world..

The adaptive optics solution for wavefront correction loop is based on ISP’s MD-AME deformable mirror, PHASICS’s SID4 wavefront analyzer and OASys adaptive optics software. This solution comes in the form of a range of products adapted to different lasers (beam size, angle of incidence, number of actuators, mirror coatings...).

ISP SYSTEM (ISP) is specialized in the field of precision engineering, opto-mechanics and mechatronics. ISP has developed, actuators and deformable mirrors for laser systems and synchrotrons. Since 2003, they have been successfully tested by the CEA for the megajoule laser and replaced the piezoelectric technology.

In 2007 to meet the needs of laser manufacturers, ISP SYSTEM has developed a range of miniature actuators and HIPAO mirrors.

Their main features are the absence of print trough effects, the high linearity of movement and the stability when no power is applied. ISP's deformable mirrors have many advantages such as large dynamic range of correction, easy maintenance, choice for the coating, and easy scalability to large laser beam diameters

Since 2003, PHASICS offers adaptive optics solutions for high-power laser beams. PHASICS benefited from the expertise acquired by the LULI laboratory since 1997 in the field of research in adaptive optics for lasers, but especially developed its expertise through the installation of tens of adaptive optics loops in major international laboratories intense lasers.